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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

How to do it and Why should you Get One?

Restore the equilibrium of lymph fluid so your skin can oxygen and nutrients can be well absorbed.

If you’re thinking of taking a lymphatic drainage massage after a surgery, an injury or a season change you’ll be obtaining a revitalizing massage that will revitalize your whole self.

Nowadays it seems lymphatic drainage massages are becoming very popular, different celebrities talk wonders of it in the magazines and tabloids. Most people are familiar with Swedish or body contouring massage, but today we will talk about a type of massage that can give you an overall boost to your immune system: The Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

In order to understand what a lymphatic massage is, we have to get a little familiar with the lymphatic system. We are talking about a network of organs, vessels and tissues that transport lymph through the body, an infection fighting fluid carrying white blood cells to combat toxins. One can think of it as an organic toxin disposal system. The lymph also has the task to transport nutrients and deliver messages to other cells helping them work correctly.

Therefore, a lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage that helps to boost the lymphatic system by improving the lymph flow and removing “body waste”. Injuries caused by accidents, surgery or other medical conditions can create accumulation of fluids on the lymph node and system. The lymphatic system is near the surface of the skin, so gentle low-pressure massages can do wonders for the skin and reduce the chance of obstructing the conducts.

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Some of the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage include:

Diminishes headaches (excellent for people who suffer from migraines)

Improves skin health (specially for conditions like rosacea or acne)


Improves the quality of sleep

Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect

Improves wound healing and scarring

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