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Aesthetic mesotherapy: The best for your skin.

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The problems that we can present with our skin can be infinite, but the most common will always focus on cellulite, bags under the eyes, alopecia and, of course, wrinkles! That is, problems that can be natural and that come as a gift with age in most cases, however, at Bambú Spa Massage we have the treatment that may be the answer for each of these problems. Yes, we are talking about mesotherapy, the miracle of aesthetic medicine
What is cosmetic mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is a treatment based on the application of painless microinjections of substances that are favorable for the body, such as vitamins, natural extracts, minerals or amino acids; which are carefully selected so that they can be of benefit to our clients.

It is a painless treatment, since its injections are applied at an intradermal level with small needles, which will not cause a major discomfort thanks to its small size of 4 mm.

What are the benefits of cosmetic mesotherapy?
These microinjections bring with them a flattering effect on the circulatory system and the elimination of localized fats, as well as improvements for the vascular system in microcirculation and in the lymphatic system in the purification of toxins.

That is to say, that, for example, with a mesotherapy treatment and lymphatic drainage it will give a detox and multivitamin gift to your body, which will thank you with an appearance that will make you look better than ever. Try our treatments and start to notice the results in less than you think. Schedule your appointment!

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