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Lymphatic drainage. Why do you need it after your operation?

para qué sirve el drenaje linfático

By nature our body is dedicated to the absorption of vitamins and the purification of toxins, so that we can make the most of any of the foods we consume in our day to day life. It is a lesson that they teach us since we are children, however, our body may need a little help to be able to do an optimal job and that we can feel renewed, especially when we go through a post-operative process. At Bambú Spa Massage we bring you the perfect treatment for that: lymphatic drainage.
What is lymphatic drainage and what benefits does it bring?
Lymphatic drainage consists of a series of massages that are performed on strategic points of the lymphatic system. That is, they consist of smooth and light movements on the circulatory system, since this is the area that directly affects the elimination of toxins, use of vitamins and absorption of fluids.

Lymphatic drainage has been the ally of aesthetic medicine for many years and has remained a priority for post-operative treatments for a long time. The reason? Just observe the following benefits that lymphatic drainage brings to your body:

● Helps in the elimination of toxins.
● Combat fluid retention.
● Reduces inflammatory conditions.
● Improves the body’s defenses.
● Contributes to blood circulation.
● Acts as pain reliever.

These are some of the reasons why doctors recommend going to lymphatic drainage sessions with specialists and at Bambú Spa Massage we have the best.

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